Nakhti Confidentiality Agreement 

Nakhti by Kali J.N.S must have a signed confidentiality agreement on file before you purchase exclusive lectures. If you purchase exclusive digital content without signing the confidentiality agreement, a refund will be processed within 48 hours and you may be banned from purchasing future content. The link to the confidentiality agreement can be found on the product page of the digital download (lecture) and in newsletters. You will receive your order within 24 Hours of purchase on a business day and within 72 hours on weekends.

Exclusive content is covered by a Confidentiality Agreement. By signing and submitting this agreement you agree to hold any information contained within this document in the strictest of confidence. No exclusive content, including the topic, intellectual property, theory, and other information contained in exclusive content is to be shared with anyone.  Signing the Nakhti By Kali J.N.S, DBA (Nakhti), AGREEMENT CONFIDENTIALITY CLAUSE, marks the official date of Confidentiality with Nakhti By Kali J.N.S, DBA (Nakhti) exclusive content. Everything and anything pertaining to Nakhti By Kali J.N.S, DBA (Nakhti),  that you become aware of from this point is hereby, CONFIDENTIAL.
This Confidentiality Agreement has no end date and will remain in effect perpetuity You are beholden to comply even in the event of a cancelled membership or withdrawal of support.  
All Nakhti By Kali J.N.S, DBA (Nakhti) exclusive content are covered by copyright. No part of the exclusive content (video and audio) is to be copied, reproduced or used without expressed permission.
As a violation by you of this Agreement could cause irreparable injury to Nakhti By Kali J.N.S, DBA (Nakhti) and as there is no adequate remedy at law for such violation, the non-breaching Party may, in addition to any other remedies available to it at law or in equity, enjoin the breaching Party in a court of equity for violating or threatening to violate this Agreement. In the event Nakhti By Kali J.N.S, DBA (Nakhti) is required to enforce this Agreement through legal action, then it will be entitled to recover from the other Party all costs incurred thereby, including without limitation, reasonable attorney’s fees.
Nakhti By Kali J.N.S, DBA (Nakhti) does not makes any representation or warranty with respect to any Confidential Information disclosed by it, nor shall Nakhti By Kali J.N.S, DBA (Nakhti) or any of their respective representatives have any liability hereunder with respect to the accuracy or completeness of any confidential information or the use thereof.

By purchasing exclusive content, you are agreeing not to share, copy or duplicate them for any reason. This includes social media pages, digital media platforms, TV Networks, talk show platforms, personal blogs or any other earthly presence.


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